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Finding decent paid work in Spain is not as easy as you might think..
We at JobVacancySpain are well aware of the everyday dilemma's facing those looking for suitable work in Spain. Report by J. Chauloer
Non Professional Work in Spain
Those of us who do not have a good understanding of the Spanish language, or do not have a easily adaptable profession, will come to Spain and find it hard to find decent work. Many will work in bar's or restaurant's, many more will work in Sales / Timeshare / Property. In many areas of Spain, unemployment is high. Many of those seeking employment will have to diversify their skills and look for work in more than one area. The average wage for a non-professional (without a good knowledge of Spanish) is approx €5 per hour. (Unfortunately in many of the tourist areas, employers will also avoid paying a social security contract on-top of the basic salary.
Professional Work in Spain

Professionals that do not speak Spanish will find various recruitment companies, to help with their search. The number of these will vary greatly, depending on the type of profession and the area of Spain. Scrutinising vacancy sections in company web sites and online publications can often uncover further job opportunities.  The ratio of those applying for positions obviously vary greatly according again to the type and area of employment.
Employment for those who Speak Spanish
If your profession can be easily integrated into Spanish society and you speak & write Spanish, the job horizon can be very different. There are many recruitment agencies which offer a variety of professional bi-lingual professional positions, throughout Spain. If you do not have a suitable profession but speak / write good/ perfect Spanish, you will find various positions generally which involve tourism, throughout Spain.  The salaries will vary and depend on the position, however many of the jobs involving the leisure / hospitality fields are not that well paid.
Non - Spanish Speaking Employment

Many of the Britain's that consider living in Spain, will move here without a good understanding of written / spoken Spanish.

The type of work opportunities that are available once you are living in Spain, will vary greatly on your knowledge of the language and the area in which you live.

For example, if you do not have a good grasp of speaking Spanish, you will almost surely have to depend on the various “Costa’s” to look for job opportunities.

Working in the Costa's

Job opportunities available in the “Costa’s” are mainly dependent on sales and tourism.

However, in the Costa Del Sol for example there are a variety of other professional types of employment available, being as the infrastructure is particularly well developed, especially in areas closer to Marbella.  Many of the Costa's will have a large number of foreign business’s.  The positions available will vary from bar / restaurant work to sales and administration. Sales and timeshare opportunities are frequent and will often be paid commission only or with a small basic salary. This type of work will be available either seasonally or year round, depending on the area.  The number of people looking for work is greater than the number of positions available, which means salaries are low, and you will often find it difficult to get a job that also pays a full social security contract.

The minimum basic social security payment is approx. €250 per month, which when paid regularly will entitle you to medical assistance, a pension and even unemployment benefits if you become out of work.

There are of course some excellent companies out there - however fore-warned is fore-armed!!

Working in Cities
If you do not have a trade, or do not speak Spanish, work will often be even harder to find in most Cities than in tourist areas.  Language schools will occasionally offer employment Teaching English as a Foreign Language (T.E.F.L.). Most schools will look for Celta or the equivalent trained native English speakers to teach English.  These job opportunities are offered throughout the world, but the amount of employment this offers is minimal on the whole. Kindergarten's will also occasionally look for qualified child career's to teach English.
Working Inland

There are of course vast regional and topographical differences throughout Spain.

Traditionally employment based inland is created from industrial factories, farming and agriculture.  Occasionally, seasonal work can be offered. 

Due to the arrival of British and other European families, there are more foreign business's opening up inland. Mainly, B&B's. bars, restaurants and property co's, etc which could occasionally offer work. Though many living in these areas will commute to coastal areas, for work. " *

Hopefully, this report has given you a better understanding of the types of Job Vacancies offered in Spain.

So what do you do now?

Those of you that have a adaptable profession or speak fluent Spanish, can find work via specialist recruitment companies, which are readily available throughout Spain.

However those that do not want to return to their chosen profession, or do not speak perfect Spanish or cannot find suitable positions can find well paid employment.

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