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Although it is important for your website to create the right impression, it has to be much more than just a pretty face.  
A website should be like a good conversation, it should speak, listen, learn and make intuitive suggestions.

It should take hold of its partner and unfold unto its choreographed journey; ever wary that a single click could part them forever.

A good website; should be intelligent enough to hold their partners interest; answer their questions and if done correctly should also be able to gain their trust and confidence.

A website should be the perfect salesman. It should glow with pride and confidence, of the product within.

A website in short, can make or break a business. It can reach to the new and untargeted, or it can die of a lonely existence. A website is and should be an extension of your business, not only a calling card but a friend and confidante, your future and your past.


The benefits of having a website are vast. A website will place your products in front of a global audience; generate extra revenue; cut costs and build better relationships to with your customers and suppliers.
  • PLACEMENT- Place your product / service in front of a worldwide audience.
  • COMMUNICATION - Bring in new customers & Improve on your communications with existing ones.
  • SALES - Allow your customers to view your products and sell them online.
  • PROMOTIONS- Improve the way you market and sell your products. * See below.
  • UPDATES - Product launches, special offers etc.
  • FEEDBACK - Provide a forum to ascertain your customer feedback.
  • PUBLISHING - Provide as much information as you needed. The cost of online publishing is virtually zero.
  • EXPAND - Address new markets, nationally and globally.
  • LANGUAGES - Incorporate additional translations.
  • AFTER SALES - Cut costs by providing technical information and online after-sales support.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - Compile lists of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) so that your customers can answer their own queries, at leisure.
  • LOCATION - Provide maps & contact details of your offices / distributors or stockist's.
  • REDUCE OUTGOINGS - Provide detailed information to help your customers order the correct items the first time around.
  • SELF UPDATABLE WEB APPLICATIONS - Eliminate ongoing maintenance costs.* See below.
  • INCREASE YOUR SALES - Protect your existing revenue streams and generate new ones.
New Businesses
If you are setting up a new business and need to develop and coordinate your corporate id, graphic and online presence, please contact us; to request further information on our New Business Promotional Packages.
Business Development
Our team of experienced design and marketing consultants can work to your own specification to re-define your existing corporate id, graphic or online presence.
We can also provide your business with an analytical report to define and asses your online, marketing and corporate id. Please contact us for further details.
1 page website  
3 page website
A single page site is ideal for businesses
on a low budget or those who just want to
achieve a web presence.
Includes: .co.uk / com domain name &
unlimited email accounts
normal cost from €150
Local Business Discount from € 95

  Suitable for businesses wanting to promote a
single product / service. Consists of a welcome
page, a product/ service page & a contact page.
Includes: .co.uk or.com domain name &
unlimited email accounts
normal cost from € 425
local business discount from € 240
5 page website   10 page website
Perfect for small to medium businesses.
Consists of a welcome page, a contact
page; with an enquiry form; & three
additional pages.
Includes:.co.uk or .com domain name &
unlimited email accounts
normal cost from € 650
local business discount from € 395

  Ideal for businesses, to provide detailed
information on their products / services.
Consists of welcome page, a contact page;
with an enquiry form; & three additional pages.
Includes .co.uk or .com domain name &
unlimited email accounts.
normal cost from € 1150
local business discount from € 755

Online Marketing Solutions
If you have a web site then it should be listed within search engines. In fact, three-quarters of us now prefer to search online for products and services than look in printed directories.
The fact is, to be listed within a search engine you need to have a certain amount of visitors looking at your site on a daily basis. If you do not have this amount of traffic, we can provide Search Marketing Solutions to ensure your site is placed within a prominent position on the major search engines results pages.
Please click here for more information.
Content Management & e-commerce Systems
If your business is information or product based and needs to be continually kept up to date, our Low Cost Bespoke, Web Applications can be updated and changed, without any additional charges.
Please click here for more information.

Please email us for further information
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