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Ninety-two percent of the online population visits a search engine, portal or community site every month!
Does this mean you business can afford not to be found?
The larger the Web grows, the higher the need for search engines and their search tools. Our search marketing solutions will drive targeted leads straight to your company’s web site.
The fact is, to be listed within a search engine you need to have a certain amount of visitors looking at your site on a daily basis. If you do not have this amount of traffic, our Search Marketing Solutions will ensure that your site is placed within a prominent position within the major search engines - results pages.
Our Search Marketing Solutions can guarantee your site to be listed within the results pages of the most widely used Internet search engines, so that your products and services appear in front of customer who are actively searching for them.
Using a network of search engines, portals and directories we are able to reach more than 80% of Internet users, on a Global scale. We use search engines such as Yahoo!, MSN, Wanadoo, Lycos, Google and Altavista to provide your company with the results that matter.

Search marketing offers an almost instantaneous way to guarantee visibility; within the top 10 search engines results pages, used throughout the world.

We make sure your site reaches those actively searching for your products / services. We can place your website on the search pages of all of the major search engines, in countries to suit your requirements. Your site is not only seen, but placed above your competitors.

Search marketing is now considered a "must-do" part of any marketing campaign. It provides a cost effective means to drive in targeted leads straight to your business on a world wide scale.
Our online experts can provide your business with accurate figures detailing those searching for comparative products / services on a monthly basis.
In order to ascertain the projected online profile of your company, our consultants can analyse it's presence to then gauge it with your competitors. All information will be noted within a detailed report, together with suggestions and recommendations on the necessary changes to be made.
Depending on your own requirements our Search Optimisation Partners can then implement the changes, in order to maximise and increase the amount of targeted traffic via search engine results/ listings.
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