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"Did you know that last year over 50,000 Britain’s actually registered to live in Spain?
A warm climate and a more relaxed attitude to life are said to be the two main reasons, Britain’s consider moving to Spain.For many years, the majority of those moving to Spain from Britain where of retiring age. This has changed dramatically, within the last few years, to incorporate those with younger families.  Studies show, many of the Britain’s that re-locate to Spain, do so without knowledge of the pro’s and con’s.  Sadly many will return, within the year.. Those Britain’s coming to Spain, without Spanish and sometimes those with, will struggle to find well paid employment."
If you are thinking of moving to Spain, or have recently moved here, we know how difficult it can be to find impartial advice. Please click on any of these links for further information.
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Life in Spain - A report by Luca Hugh.

If your knowledge of Spain is limited to the "Costa's", then you don't know what your missing. Spain, has so much more to offer those that venture out of it's coastal resorts.

Take a trip into anyone of it's Cities or go Inland.. you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Regionally Spain differs dramatically. Huge mountain ranges, can suddenly dip and turn into simple, quiet pastureland.   Goat's, sheep and bull farms can be found in close proximity to luxury spa's and award winning golf courses.

In northern Extremadura for example you will find hidden waterfalls, rich forests and huge natural lakes.  In the very most southern part of Andalucia- white sandy beaches host some of the best surfing championships in the world. 

Granada, home of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, allows you to go skiing in the morning and still be in time for tea in a seaside cafe in the afternoon.  In Murcia you can still find delightful hidden coves and simple fishing villages.  Even in it's wonderful cities, Spain's has this delightful mix of old and new.. one minute you are walking through cobbled tiny streets and whitewashed village houses, then next you will be amongst some of the best post modern architecture in the world. Even getting a drink can be as diverse as sipping jerez in a traditional spit-and-sawdust back street bar, or alternatively sampling deep beats in trendy nightclubs. The Spanish do not do apathy, , they open their arms to life, they encompass it and make it their own.  Spain is home to many superb buildings and artifacts. Roman aqueducts, Islamic, Gothic and Catholic churches and castles.  It could seem like every second village has a castle of some sort.  Spain has given us some of the world's greatest artist's .. El Greco-Valazquez, Goya, Picasso and Dali.  It is home to many sophisticated museums and art galleries.  Music and dance are everyday items that are embraced and celebrated throughout Spain.  The drama of flamenco, latino, salsa go hand in hand with life.

True to life, most cultural events go hand in hand with a party and a holiday. 

February is carnival month and their are many too choose from..  The wildest are said to be in Sitges and Cádiz.

Valencia in March, has a week-long party known as Las Fallas.  The event boosts all-night dancing, colourful processions and spectacular fireworks. In Semana Santa (Holy Week), the week leading up to Easter Sunday, there are many parades throughout Spain, although Seville is by far the most popular. In late April, Seville's hosts another famous event, the week-long Feria de Abril.

This is a perfect counter balance to the Sevillianas and the visiting Spanish who celebrate and enjoy the carnival after the religious fervour of Semana Santa.

The summer brings many small and large feria's and carnivals to towns and cites throughout Spain. 

The last wednesday in August sees the Valencian town of Buñol go crazy, with La Tomatina.  The surplus stocks from the recent tomato harvest are used to facilliate a friendly riot. The Running of the Bulls (Fiesta de San Fermín) in Pamplona in July is probably Spain's most famous festival.

Of course Spain has so much more to offer than a beach line although for some.. that is more than enough.

National Public Holiday's

1 Jan - Año Nuevo (New Year's Day)
Mar/Apr - Viernes Santo (Good Friday)
1 May - Fiesta del Trabajo (Labour Day)
15 Aug - La Asunción (Feast of the Assumption)
12 Oct - Fiesta Nacional de España (National Day)
8 Dec - La Inmaculada Concepción (Feast of the Immaculate Conception)
25 Dec - Navidad (Christmas)


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