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We are fundamentally a forward thinking Company and as such can work with you to produce a marketing plan in order strengthen your existing streams of business and to locate and source new ones.
To enable your business to increase its sales volume, we define target audiences then: actively search for them. In doing this we can provide your business with qualified, targeted, sales driven leads.
Our team of experienced Customer Service Consultants can professionally seek for new business on your behalf.
Subject to your campaign requirements we can work via the telephone or by means of direct contact; to seek those interested in your products / services.
All leads referred are qualified to comply with the project / campaign specifications. Which can be coordinated to achieve a wider level of qualification or pinpointed to exact requirements.
Personality is a little thing.......is a little thing that goes a long way......
Our Customer Service Consultants have proven success and experience in customer related positions. All are trained to meet the requirements of the campaign and must adhere to the following codes of conduct:
  • To be professional , polite and helpful throughout their contact with relevant parties.
  • To understand the difference between a good or bad; telephone conversation/ direct means of contact.
  • To understand the promotion / product well enough to avoid a “pre-planned pitch”.
  • To gain a rapport with the person on the other end of the ‘phone/ or via direct contact.
  • To treat each call/ direct means of contact; as if it’s the first of the day.
  • They must sound enthusiastic and not totally sales oriented, as if they are asking the question for the first time.
  • They must understand that each means of contact is sacred and must therefore try to get as much information as possible.
  • They must adhere to our strict confidentiality terms and agree to the above code of conduct.

Collectively our aim is to maximize and increase your companies revenue.

Our Marketing Consultants can coordinate a marketing plan; to define target audiences; sales and marketing directives: project requirements and campaigns to suit.

Please contact us to book an appointment or to request further information.

Prices start from only 10 euro's per qualified lead.

Targeted Lead Generation via Online Search Marketing
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