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We have listed below a few of the documents needed to live in Spain.

N.I.E. NUMBERS The Numero Identidad Extranjero (N.I.E.) is an important document for non-Spanish people living in Spain.  It is in the form of an A4 size document and your original issue will be very important in the execution of all official business. Without an (N.I.E.) you will not be able to buy a house, car or start up a new business. You cannot get a job without an N.I.E. (the only jobs given without N.I.E's will be on the "black market"). Interest rates and the choice of services offered to those banking with their passport number also vary to those using their N.I.E.
RESIDENCIA If you have lived in Spain for more than 6 months and intend to live here for much longer, you are entitled to become resident. This means you are then given a Spanish I.D. number and do not have to use your N.I.E. number anymore. You will be given more favourable conditions in your banking choices and if you buy or sell a property, you are subject to far smaller rates of capital gains taxes, although this is due to change in January 2006.
CLINIC REGISTRATION The Spanish state social security system provides free healthcare for Spanish nationals and for those E.U. members, that provide the paperwork for registration.

Healthcare can be obtained by producing your E111 form and I.D. (or your E121 if you are retired). These documents are only to be used as a short term measure. They must be date stamped within a local post office, at the time when you left the UK. If you are intending to live, or have lived in Spain for longer than the 6 months entitlement this forms gives, you will need to register correctly and provide all the necessary documentation.

Alternative treatment can be given by private medical clinics and hospitals.   These are available to everyone and will also offer specific treatment / medical cover.

UK CAR ON SPANISH PLATES If you are driving your UK plated car in Spain, you must legally, have an up to date Tax disc, MOT and insurance. If you do not have these and you want to keep the car in Spain, you should apply for the vehicle to have Spanish Plates.A lawyer can easily do this for you, alternatively if you have an old V5 Form, or the new V5C Form(+2004), you can do it yourself.The procedure is explained fully (as far as the UK side of its is concerned) in the DVLA website.Once you have completed the UK part, you are then required to put the vehicle through the I.T.V.    (Spanish MOT) stages. When you have successfully obtained the I.T.V. certificate you take this and the export papers to a Local Government office for their verification.  Afterwards you will then need to take it to the traffic office in order to then apply for your Spanish License Plate number ).


DRIVING LICENSE If your UK driving license was issued in or after 1990, or have a photocard which was issued after 1991 both oh these are officially valid within Spain. If your driving license is pre -1990 you should apply to the Spanish embassy in London for an official translation, which you can keep with your UK license. If you are living in Spain already, this translation can be obtained from the 'REAL Automovil Club de España'. However if you have been living in Spain for more than 6 months you are eligible to apply for a Spanish license. Just in case the license was lost of stolen, you can then apply for another, whereas you cannot re- apply for a UK license as you no longer live in the UK.


LEGAL MATTERS It is advisable to enlist the help of a good lawyer to help with all or any of the matters detailed above.  We can recommend legal companies to assist and advice you in most legal  & financial mattersThere are many beauracracies within Spanish law.  Lawyers can help to explain these laws and work on your behalf to make life easier!


SETTING UP IN BUSINESS Starting a business in Spain can be a minefield of paperwork. To begin with you need an N.I.E. you can then register to operate as self employed and register as a business. To do this you have to register with the "Social Seguridad" as "Autonamo" ( self employed). If more than one person owns a business this this would be a Social Limitado (S.L.) which means a Limited Company. Either way a lawyer or an Accountant should be consulted.
* This infomation is meant as a guide only, please consult the relevant departments for further information.
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