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First Impressions Count -

The perception of your company and it's products - services are judged within the first few moments by the means in which it is presented.

If your prospective purchaser views your product online, they will pass a judgment within four seconds. If they are looking at printed material it will take them only two seconds.

So how does it appear? Smart or stupid? Helpful or annoying? Useful or a waste of time?

To make sure your company has created the right impression, each step should be pre-determined and pre-prepared.

In order to set your business apart from the competition, the projected image of the company, should go far beyond simple attractiveness. It should convey a message and if done right, should also set a precedent.

Consider some of the world's great brands: Coca-Cola, Disney, Ford, IBM, Microsoft. All are powerful, vibrant businesses which command a premium price -- primarily, because these are recognised brands and are aggressively managed as such.

Branding, has become a buzzword; however, it is often confused with the terms meaning the; "corporate identity" ; or "corporate image." All have different meanings:

Corporate identity refers to a company's name, logo or caption -- its visual expression or its "look."

Corporate image is the public's perception of a company, whether that perception is intended or not.

By contrast: Corporate branding, is a business process -- one that is planned and strategically-focused. It is integrated throughout the organization. The branding of a company establishes the direction, the clarity of purpose, the leadership, inspiration and energy of the company. It is the company's most important asset. It conveys the essence, character and purpose of the company, its products and services, it is the heart and soul, from which all expressions are made.

In many industries a sale is not based purely on an impulse decision. The key to creating the right environment is to build brand affinity. So that when; the consumer is ready to act; they think of you. You plant the seeds and wait for the long sale..


Our marketing and brand experts can provide your business with the forward planning it needs to develop within the marketplace, please contact us to request further information or to book a no obligation appointment.
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